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Welcome to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems, Remediation System Search and Reservation web site. This site has been developed to provide a mechanism for regulators and contractors to search for, and reserve, remediation treatment systems purchased and owned by the State of Florida to conduct petroleum remediation activities funded by the Inland Protection Trust Fund.
You may contact the following Petroleum Restoration Program staff members for assistance:
DEP/PRP Equipment Coordinator:                       Russ Rhodes – PRP Team 3
(overall equipment management custodianship)
WRS Equipment Specialist:                                Vicki Chatelain - PRP Team 5
(equipment inventory)                            
                                                                   850/222-6446 (ext. 263)
Instructions for Usage
Regulators and contractors can use the tools available on this site to select, review, and reserve available remediation systems located at Post Active Remediation Monitoring sites throughout the state. The user can access the Property Search link located on the left hand side of this screen to access a pull down menu listing general System Types (i.e., AS/SVE or AS/MPX). The user can select a general treatment System Type (e.g. AS/SVE) and Year Purchased (e.g., 2003) to develop a list of all available AS/SVE systems purchased in 2003 or later. The user may also select a System Type accompanied by individual equipment performance Specifications. This advanced search method will return a more refined range of available treatment systems that meet the user's required specifications. After either search, the user may then click on the Details/Reserve button to conduct a detailed review of a treatment systems individual components and associated performance parameters, view photos of the system and components, review testing and maintenance reports, if available, and ultimately reserve the item for future use. 

Once an appropriate treatment system has been identified by the user, the Reserve This Item button can be selected to reserve the treatment system. The user will be directed to a reservation web page and asked to enter reservation details. Upon submission, the reservation details will be submitted to the DEPEQ Equipment Manager and the Department for review and processing. 
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