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Available Property: Remediation equipment located at the Lakeland Storage Yard (Fountain RV) and Post Active Remediation Monitoring sites.

Component: Defines an individual component of a treatment system; blower, compressor, moisture separator, etc.

Description: Provides a description of the treatment system or individual component.

Details/Reserve: The user can follow this link to review detailed information and specifications associated with the selected treatment system and reserve the property, if desired. The Details Page will includes treatment systems, individual components and associated performance parameters, photos of the system and components, if available, testing and maintenance reports, if available, and a reservation link.

FAC ID Location: This represents the current location of a treatment system or individual component.

Item Number: Individual number, a property item number assigned by FDEP, associated with an individual component or treatment system.

Property Reservation: Once an appropriate treatment system or individual component has been identified by the user, the Reserve This Item link at the top of page can be selected. The user will be directed to a reservation web page and asked to enter reservation details. Upon submission, the reservation details will be submitted to the DEPEQ Equipment Manager and the Department for review and processing.

Property Search: Access the Property Search link located on the left hand side of the Home Page. Use the pull down menu to enter the System Type (i.e., AS/SVE or AS/MPX). Note: A System Type must be entered for the search function to work. The user must also select the Year Purchased (e.g., 2003) to develop a list of all available systems purchased within, or after, the purchase year entered. The user may also enter equipment performance Specifications. Entering more search parameters results in a more refined range and number of available treatment systems.

Purchase Date/Purchase Facility: Represents the year and FDEP Facility ID the equipment was originally purchased.

Spec Value and Spec Unit: Defines a specification value (horsepower, cubic feet per minute of flow) and specification unit (value) associated with an individual component.

Year Purchased: This field can be left unselected to generate a search list containing treatment systems or components with all available years or a year can be selected to generate a search list containing treatment systems or components greater than or equal to the year selected.

Lakeland Storage Yard: This is a leased facility with no on-site personnel or equipment for loading and unloading state-owned equipment. All visitors to the storage yard must make prior arrangements 48-hours in advance with the following representative of Earth Systems, DEP State Cleanup Contractor managing the leased space, to schedule an appointment (please do not contact Fountain RV directly):

Scott Moore, P.E.
Earth Systems Lakeland Storage Yard Coordinator
561/588-3985 (office)
561/723-3704 (cell)

Questions regarding availability of State-owned Equipment for re-use should be directed to:

Matt Ingham
WRS Equipment Re-Use Coordinator
850/222-6446 (ext. 314)

Address: Fountain RV, 8345 State Road 33 North, Lakeland, FL 33809

Directions: Go east from Lakeland on I-4 for approximately 5.6 miles, take exit 38 to FL-33 N for 0.3 miles, turn left at FL-33 N/Commonwealth Ave./Lakeland Hills Blvd. and go 1.5 miles to Fountain RV on right. Go past the first entrance to the second (easternmost) entrance that leads to the fenced storage yard in rear (southern) portion of property.